Our History

Accorsi srl was established in 1979 in the province of Bologna, the heart of the "PACKAGING VALLEY", the national automatic packaging machine industrial district. Over the years the customer focus that distinguished us allowed us to acquire the trust of our partners to independently manage all job order process phases, thus acquiring additional skills and gaining significant mechanical part processing market shares.
For approximately 10 years we have a modern, ample and well-organised facility where increasingly more specialised people work. This has allowed for technological growth to produce specific and highly complex parts..

We are Specialised Craftsmen

The soul of our production are "Format Parts" used in high speed automatic machines for packaging but also all those unique parts with centesimal or millesimal tolerance measurements that require attention and a meticulous approach to detail development.

Over time we have always produced parts in small scale for the automotive and research worlds.

Our facilities
Occupied area: 2,500 square metres
Indoor surface area: 1,533 square metres
Outdoor surface area: 1,030 square metres

Orders filled/year
Number of parts constructed per year
Product non conformities

Our Values, Our People

Customer focus

Understanding the customer's needs and creating value together

Professionalism and Organisation

The result of passion and will to improve.

People and Teamwork

We are a company made of People.

Quality and innovation

Attention to detail, courage to change to grow.

We have a modern business organisation

We are a young, enthusiastic and highly specialised team that loves our work.

People who have worked with us for may years guarantee the know-how required to meet the challenges that constantly emerge from the market.